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An ecosystem built around its native smartchain token LOF and the most advanced fan platform yet. Countless opportunities for investors, content creators and users.

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What is LOF?

Lonelyfans is a cryptocurrency project, a whole ecosystem built around its native smartchain token LOF. The project's ultimate goal is to reward investors by perpetually using the LOF token within our ecosystem and distributing volume-based rewards to its holders.

To achieve this, we have engineered one of the most sophisticated token contracts in the whole crypto space. LOF's contract has revolutionary functions such as automatic buyback & burn to counter big sells, anti-whale mechanisms, passive rewards as token of your choice, and much more.

However, the most important part of our ecosystem is the LOF Platform - a fan platform created to beat the rest of the competition with its ground-breaking features and benefits for the content creators and users alike. While the cutting-edge utility is increasing the demand, our deflationary tokenomics are lowering the supply, the sky is the limit for the price of LOF in the years to come.


Built to revolutionize the current market of fan platforms, the LOF Platform offers more features, more income, more value, and more freedom.

The content creators get to keep up to 95% of their sales. The minimal house share allows competitive prices.

Release your content free of judgement or enjoy the fruits of that liberty as a user. No restrictions in content type. No surprise account closings, all types of creators are welcome.

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Our new Whitepaper

Looking for a comprehensive summary about the project? Our new whitepaper includes everything you need to know in a single, detailed document.

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