LOF's groundbreaking features reward holding and lay the foundations for perpetual price growth

The smart contract has been carefully engineered to suit our ecosystem's needs and includes revolutionary features the likes of which has never been seen before.

As the utility is increasing the token's demand and it has highly deflationary elements, only sky is the limit for the long-term price.

Total Supply 0

Migration Supply
Liquidity Tokens
Burn Address
Multi-Sig Dev Wallet

6% Buy Tax Distribution

  • 2% to holders as token of their choice (BNB by default, no actions needed)
  • 1% + 1% to Development/Marketing wallet in BNB and BUSD
  • 2% to BNB/LOF liquidity pool

15% Sell Tax Distribution

  • 4% to holders as token of their choice (BNB by default, no actions needed)
  • 1.5% + 1.5% to Development/Marketing wallet in BNB and BUSD
  • 5% to Buyback and Burn (Default Set to Automatic)
  • 3% to BNB/LOF liquidity pool


Wallet Dump/Anti-Liquidity Theft - Tax for selling rises to 22.5% if over 33% of the wallets holdings are sold all at once. This penalty punishes for-profit arbitrage bots attempting to remove liquidity from our pools. No limit on amount of sales per day, so there is no harm to holders that want to exit the ecosystem.

Max transaction size set at 1% of total supply to prevent whale dumps.

Content creators - the most important parts of the ecosystem - have their own tax bracket. The contract allows any wallet to be whitelisted (and removed when needed) as a content creator. These wallets have 0% buy tax and 5% sell tax; encouraging content creators to invest in the product they ultimately control.

Token transfers from one wallet to another are not taxed. The ability to tax these transactions is in the contract if voted by the community, as CEX listings occur, to ensure taxes cannot be bypassed unless the community agrees to leave it at 0%.

Every sale of LOF is countered by automatic buyback in the contract. The tokens bought will be burned. The mechanism is enabled by the selling tax. When someone sells LOF, that will be countered with a 5% buyback which will be fully burned. Just imagine what it means for the tokens price in the long run, when 33% of the tax is used to counter all the sales; which constantly boosts the economy and speeds up deflation.