Team & Vision

Behind the development of Lonelyfans, is the most enthusiastic and commited team among all the crypto space. Led by the CEO Eric Raymond, the project has made a trademark of its uncompromised level of transparency, perseverance and honesty towards the investors and partners.

Our goal is to build Lonelyfans into a multimillion dollar enterprise, and a wide-known brand. The ecosystem has been crafted so that enjoying the fruits of the targeted success requires nothing but holding LOF tokens.

As we reach for the stars, besides rewarding our investors, spreading some good around us while doing so, has been our another goal since the first day. We are committed into fighting human trafficking via education and charity. Furthermore, we want to be a safehaven for our content creators. A place where they are empowered and supported, and their personal rights are honored.

The same goes for our investors. In the world of crypto, it is easy to stumble across projects with questionable intentions, or motivated purely by personal intresses of the developers.

While we cannot guarantee enormous success, or that all dreams will come true, we can promise to tirelessly work towards our mutual goals, to always be honest and transparent, and to do everything we can to turn the dreams into reality.


While some milestones are more important than others, there will always be new features to add, ideas to implement and heights to reach.

Our roadmap gives a good glimpse of what to expect next. The development never stops.

Phase 1 - Preparation

  • Migrate to Enhanced LOF V2
  • Release New Roadmap
  • Launch Official Merch Store
  • Release V2 Whitepaper
  • Build New Landing Page
  • Build and Release LOF Gitbook
  • Build New Website

Phase 2 - Onboarding

  • Launch Beta LOF Fan Platform (Limited Testers)
  • Relaunch Token on ETH/Polygon
  • Begin Investor Marketing Campaign
  • Begin Content Creator Marketing Campaign
  • Public Launch of LOF Fan Platform

Phase 3 - Improvements + Expansion

  • Announce Metaverse Partnerships and Virtual Hangouts
  • Centralized Exchange Listings
  • Build and Launch LOF NFT Marketplace
  • Human Trafficking Charity Donations and Education Center
  • Deploy Additional Features to LOF Fan Platform (List #2)

Phase 4 - Increased Monetization + Utility

  • Cam Addition
  • Improved Merchandise Store
  • Traffic Monetization
  • Enhanced Digital Creator Engagement
  • Annual Top LOF Holder Gathering
  • Deploy Additional Features to LOF Fan Platform (List #3)